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Wash, Dry & Fold

Quick Wash

A cycle of 28 to 30 minutes of washing


A maximum of 8 kilograms of laundry per cycle

Regular Fold

From drying, clothes will be folded one by one. We do not iron clothes at the moment.

Regular Dry

A cycle of 40 minutes of regular machine drying

Laundry Agents

Drop-off Service is inclusive of laundry agents ( liquid detergent and fabric conditioner)

A Safe Way to Do You Laundry


Doing your laundry with us is a safer way to wash your clothes. Heat drying helps kill some viruses and bacteria.

Book/schedule your slot online

Drop-off your laundry to our shop as scheduled and pay for the service

We will do the washing & drying for you

Get/claim your fresh laundry after 24 hours

Save time, money, and effort by doing your laundry with BzBee’s Laundromat!


  • Please pay PhP 150.00 (per cycle), in CASH, to our Shop Attendant on duty when you drop-off your laundry.

Claiming of Laundry

You may claim your fresh laundry after 24 hours from the time of your drop-off.

In case you are unable to claim your fresh laundry the following day, we can store it for a maximum of seven (7) days (starting the day following your drop-off) FREE of charge.

Laundry items that remains unclaimed after the 7-day free storage period will be charged a minimal storage fee of PhP ___ per day. 

No Repeat Performance Policy

For laundry items that remains unclaimed after 7 days, BzBee’s Laundromat will not be obligated to repeat the performance of service (wash and dry) in case its freshness degraded over long period of storage.

Holding of Laundry

BzBee’s Laundromat reserves the right to hold, and not to release, the all the laundry items that remains unclaimed after the 7-day free storage period without full payment of the storage fee as discussed above. 


Customers are required to observe the following safety protocols while inside our shop:

  • Wear face mask.
  • Maintain social distancing

We implement a “No Mask, No Entry” policy at our Laundry Shop. BzBee’s Laundrymat reserves the right to deny entry and/or cancel any booked slot/service for those who do not wear mask.


  • Arbitrarily, customers have to follow the same that is being used by BzBee’s Laundromat which is the TIME showing/appearing at for Manila, Philippines.
  • Please come on time, on or before (at least 5 minutes in advance) the start of your scheduled slot.
  • BzBee’s Laundromat gives time allowance of up to 10 minutes (from the start of the booked scheduled slot) ONLY for those who will come late. After 10 minutes, the slot will be given to walk-in/drop-off customers and other service.
  • Customers who will not be able to come on time, but will be arriving to our Laundry Shop within the 10 – minute grace period, are required to send an advance notification, through our MESSENGER, before the start of their booked schedule. For our reference, please include your order number and your booked slot/schedule in your notification.


  • A cycle is good for up to 8 kilograms of laundry only. If your laundry is more than 8 kilograms, you need to increase the quantity (STOCK) of cycles in the “ADD TO CART” during checkout. The number of “Stock” indicates the number of cycles you want to use which should follow the 8 kilogram limit of laundry.
  • Please double check the date (schedule) and time of the slot you are booking before you checkout. Due to some limitations of our booking platform, available historical slots are still bookable. As we strive to make improvements to our website, BzBee’s Laundromat only accepts/honors current and future bookings.
  • Valuable, branded and/or luxury clothing should be personally hand washed and carefully dried. We assume no responsibility for damaged laundry using our Drop-off Wash & Dry Bundle, or any service upgrades thereof.
  • Your access to, or use of, this website means that you hereby CERTIFY and AGREE that you have READ COMPLETELY, UNDERSTOOD CLEARLY, and CONCUR/ACCEPT FULLY all the provisions of the Service Terms and Conditions of BzBee’s Laundromat posted in this website, including the associated Booking Policy, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and our Policy on Refunds & Damages, as well as the service/products details posted herein. The same applies for your purchase and/or use of any of the laundry services of BzBee’s Laundromat.

Laundry Shop Quezon City – Wash & Dry Drop-off Service. Book a slot, drop your laundry and we will wash & dry it for you. Claim your laundry clean and fresh, subject to the terms contained herein!